Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hana Kimi

Hana z a k a r i no K i m i t achie

OMG! I seriously LOVE this series! Why does it have to be so short?

This drama memang best. Read This:

The Drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e a.ka. Hana Kimi is the very popular packed show airing in Japan as the moment. It’s about a girl Mizuki who transfers to a Japanese all boy’s school all the way from America. She dresses up and acts as a boy all to try and get Sano back into High Jumping after he quit about 1 year ago. Throughout her stay as the all boys dormitories, mischief and trouble arises as she tries to hide
her identity. Each episode sees to a new “challenge” where by the 3 dorms compete among each other to win the challenge and gain a prize such as LDC tv in each dorm! or not cleaning up for the rest of the year! The story like and sequence of events are quite ridiculous. The story while being totally unrealistic, stupid and absurd, actually does quite well for itself. I find myself laughing a lot as all the unique characters. It’s like watching one of those Japanese talk shows. Mizuki is acted but the girl who played as Nobuta in Nobuta wo Produce and Sano is played by none other than the one who played Rui in Hana Yori Dango I & II. So far they portrayed their characetrs fairly well I suppose. Mizuki’s pulled off pretty well, you can obviously tell its a girl, if you couldn’t then the actor would be pretty manly herself then. But then again, A lot of Jappans boys look like girls :p It’s pure Fangirl haven I say :D watching pretty boys being stupid and funny and stereotyped cute Japanese girls flock after them sure as hell funny. Like I say a unique sort of Japanese style Humour :p Anyway, yes pretty boys, lots of them, maybe you don’t like Sano or Mizuki or whever, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find a really hot/cute guy in there to like :D Personally I find Nakatsu (the one who THINKS he’s gay) hilarious! Brilliant character. Great friend. Sano personally pretty indifferent to him. As for more minor characters, the Dorm Leaders are all hilarious, the karate dude, the player previously with 15 girlfriends and the drama dude and super exaggerated yet great characters.
Watch this dra
ma ogayy!

I love Nakatsu. Half the time I can’t decide who to root for. His struggle kind of reminded me of Han Kyul’s struggle in coffee prince, but Nakatsu-kun’s waaaay more hilarious.
And the three dorm heads: Tennouji the martial arts freak, Nanba the playboy, and Masao (Oscar) the drama king. I so loved Nanba.
Love it!love it! love it!