Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hearts Ikota Toma

*Hearts Him So Much*


Fine cute actor Ikuta Toma had spining my heart on him as my most kawaii actor. He's just cute as his talent. I admired his role in Hanazakiri No Kimitachi E(Hana Kimi) he made me laughed from the start till the end. That was hilarious. I like the part he soliloquised imagining Mizuki in girl outfit. That was funny ogayy. He even did a splendid job as Takemoto in oney and Clover, how he played that role very exactly like the anime. I can feel Takemoto when he travel cycling over Japan to find what he wanted to be in his life in fact Takemoto had given me the idea in how i can prove my self that i also can achieve something good in my life someday, just don't stop dreaming for the better one. :)

Sumpah minat gila dekat dia :)


aLeYa said...

ai pown suke kat dia laa yu..
cute kan??
suke tgk cite nie..even dah tgk byk kali pown still nak tgk g..hee

+Penthius+ said...

+Yahar!!I likes him 2...kaka...n thx 4 linking...=)